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Ranks & Advancement Procedures

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All requirements for advancement are tracked using the Boy Scout handbook.  In Boy Scouting, any Scout 1st Class Rank or higher may sign off individual requirements for the ranks up to 1st Class.

The Advancement Chairman maintains advancement information for each Scout in Troop 74 through TroopMaster software.  The Scout must bring his handbook to all meetings and activities in order for requirements to be initialed and dated (Be prepared).  Advancement card received upon completion of requirements for rank and merit badges should be kept in a binder or other safe place.  These are the boys record of advancement.

Once a boy completes a rank’s requirements, he will have a Scoutmaster’s Conference*.  This is where the Scoutmaster or one of his assistants, sits down with the boy and talks with him about:

• How he is doing in the troop

• How well he knows the skills needed for the rank.

• Establish goals for the next rank advancement

• What he enjoys the most and the least about scouting

After this conference the boy will have a Board of Review*.  Troop Committee members conduct Boards of Review up to the Life rank, and the District does the Eagle Board of Review.  The boy will present himself to the Board and they will talk to him about:

• His rank advancement

• His understanding of the principles of scouting as contained in the Oath and Law

• His future goals in and out of scouting

• How he feels the troop is doing

This review will not last more than 10 to 15 minutes.  It helps the boy to develop his communication skills.  It also provides the Troop Leadership with feedback on the program directly from the boys themselves.

*The Scout should reveiw and practice what he has learned for the rank and present himself in his best full uniform for the Scoutmaster's Conference and Board of Review.

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