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Scout Leadership Positions, Duties, and Responsibilities

Leading the way...

What makes Scouting special is that YOU make the decisions and run the troop.

 “The best progress is made
in those Troops
where power and responsibility
are really put into the hands of the Patrol Leaders.”

All of the troop leadership positions have a hand in making the Troop run. 

As a troop leader you will:            

• Plan and run troop meetings
Pick troop outings
• Where to camp
• What to do
• Plan advancement opportunities for all troop members
• Select High-Adventure programs
• Determine troop policy
• Help other Scouts along the trail to Eagle

Because being a leader is more than just sewing on a patch, the following are job descriptions for the troop leadership positions.  They will give you a good idea of what each job is all about and what you will be required to do. All troop leaders are required to attend the Patrol Leader's Council Meeting each month.

Here's how to be considered for a position.  First read the job description, qualifications, and job responsibilities.  Then decide what you want to do and talk it over with your parents and Scoutmaster.  You can also talk it over with other Scouts who have served in that position and the Scoutmaster.  Finally, get a troop leadership position application, fill it out, have your parent(s) read and sign it and turn it in.

Leadership Positions
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Senior Patrol Leader

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Patrol Leader

Assistant Patrol Leader

Chaplain Aide

Den Chief


Junior Assistant Scoutmaster




Troop Guide

Troop Historian

Leave No Trace Trainer





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