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Troop Structure

Troop 74 is made up of three patrols of six to ten boys led by a senior Scout who is the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL).  The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL), who is second in command, aids him.  The Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster(s) help oversee the troop meetings, but the primary program responsibilities rest with the SPL and his Patrol Leaders Council.

The Scouts in the troop elect the SPL. Elections are held twice, once in March, and then once in September.  Troop officers may not be elected to the same position in succession.  The SPL chooses his ASPL.  Other troop wide elected officer’s positions are the Troop Scribe, who is responsible for the Troop’s newsletter, and the Troop Quartermaster, who is responsible for tracking and maintaining Troop Camping equipment.

Each Patrol also elects a Patrol Leader (PL).  Other leadership positions your son may hold are:  Troop Guide, Instructor, Historian, Librarian, Chaplain’s Aide and Bugler.  He may also decide to work with a Cub Scout Pack as a Den Chief.  The Scoutmaster may assign a specific project leadership, which will benefit the Troop to a Scout who needs to fulfill a leadership requirement for the Star, Life or Eagle ranks.

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