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Camping & Outings

The troop plans a campout every month except the month we go to summer camp.  For these campouts we go various places, usually within a 180-mile radius.  The Scoutmaster and camping committee select the site, with inputs from the boys in the Troop.  The Troop Committee is kept informed and has input into these decisions.

For what equipment to bring on a campout refer to the Scout Handbook given to each boy upon joining the troop.  Do not rush out and buy a lot of equipment!  Make due for the first one or two campouts to see if your boy enjoys camping and is going to stick with scouting.  Camping is the heart of the program and if they do not like camping then maybe scouts is not for them.

Basic rules of campouts:

1) The committee must be notified of any planned campout.

2) No boys are permitted to ride in the backs of trucks.

3) All drivers must have sufficient insurance and be a Registered Scout Leader.

4) The Scout Oath and Law are to be followed.

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